Have you taken a good look at your bathroom lately? Perhaps it’s time to admit that the gold foil wallpaper and big bubble lights look more at home on the Vegas strip than in your powder room. If so, don’t be overwhelmed. Redecorating your bathroom can be a relatively quick project – and because it is one of the smaller rooms in your home, a bathroom redo doesn’t have to be a budget-buster either.

Step One – Choose a Theme

If your current bathroom brisbane is suffering from an identity crisis, it’s time to choose a theme and stick with it. If you have clean white plumbing fixtures, perhaps you would like to stay with an elegant black-tie theme. Or you may want to go modern with a spa-like theme. If the bathroom is for children, you can opt for a Disney theme or an all-animal theme. The choice is yours and your imagination is the only limit. But make sure the theme of your bathroom is somewhat related to the decorating in the rest of your home.

Step Two – Choose a Paint Color

Nothing can freshen the appearance of a room faster than a new paint color. This is a great opportunity to establish the theme of your room. If you are using a beachy theme, try painting the walls a soft tan to evoke the feeling of sand. For a kids bathroom, your paint color can be a bright primary color such as royal blue or sunshine yellow. For a spa-like bathroom, be sure to choose a soothing paint color such as sage green. Be a little daring with your paint color – afterall, you can always paint over it.

Step Three- Choose a Shower Curtain

Your choice of shower curtain will go a long way toward establishing the overall theme of the room. In today’s retail market, there is almost no limit to fun and unique shower curtains. But be careful to match the look and feel of the rest of the room. If the room is very modern, don’t choose a frilly shower curtain just because it matches the paint color. It’s important that your shower curtains compliments both the color and the style of the room.

Step Four – Update the Lighting

Nothing dates a bathroom faster than a clunky old light bar with big fat light bulbs glaring overhead. You can either replace the old bar with a new fixture that sports sleeker, more modern lights. Or ditch the overhead light altogether and replace it with modern sconces on either side of the mirror. Of course, you’ll have to patch and paint the old hole, so make sure to complete this project before you paint out the entire room.

Step Five – Shop for Accessories

The accessories will add the finishing touch to your bathroom’s new decorating theme. Choose fresh towels and rugs that work with your color palette, but don’t forget to update the towel racks and toilet tissue holder, too.

And there you have it – a brand new bathroom for the price of paint and a few accessories. If you plan ahead, you can probably complete the entire project in less than a weekend, but you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

Decorating a Bathroom – 5 Steps to Success