How does IPL hair removal work?

IPL is similar to laser treatment in that it directs a focused line of light towards your hair with the intention of destroying it. When this light comes into contact with the root of your hair, it gets converted into heat energy, which instantly vaporizes the entire hair.

At the IPL clinic, clients will be asked to wear special goggles, after which a layer of chilled gel is rubbed over the skin. This gel both cools the user and guides the light into the follicles, allowing the procedure to target many different hairs simultaneously. Then, the light pulses are created by a hand-held wand with which the specialist will run over the area of your skin that you are getting treated. The entire process can last anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on which part of your body is being treated.

Keep in mind that IPL requires several treatments in order to be successful. Since the procedure only affects hair which is actively growing, up to 6 appointments may be required before the hair in the area is completely removed.

Am I eligible for IPL treatment?

Since the procedure targets melanin-rich hair follicles, those people who have little to no melanin in their hair will not achieve optimal results. IPL works best on people with fair skin and dark hair. Hair colors with low-melanin counts, like red or blonde, are more difficult to treat. Meanwhile, grey and white hair has no melanin, and cannot be properly treated using IPL.

Before receiving the treatment, IPL clinics will make sure that you are medically safe for the procedure. To do this, most clinics will require your medical history. Some may also give you a special test patch to ensure that there are no adverse skin reactions.

Downsides of IPL treatment

For a few days after the IPL treatment brisbane, your skin will have noticeable red bumps on it. However, these are not painful, and are a temporary aesthetic problem.

Many people think that the IPL procedure will be painful. After all, the specialist is literally vaporizing the hair on your body. However, since the pulses of light are so short in duration, any discomfort is fairly minor. In general, men experience slightly more pain than women, as their body hair is thicker, and thus more difficult to eliminate. In extremely rare cases, a client may develop blisters on the treated area after the procedure.

It has also been rumored that IPL treatment gives the client ultraviolet skin damage after prolonged use. This is simply not true: the light from the wand is specially filtered in order to remove all UV light, making permanent skin damage impossible. Furthermore, IPL only works on the top layers of the skin, and cannot penetrate the deeper layer of hair germ cells.

Other uses of IPL treatment

In addition to hair removal, IPL has been used to treat a number of other skin conditions. Acne Rosacea, sun-damage, birth marks, and other discolorations can all be eliminated using IPL. In fact, for conditions like Rosacea, IPL is the only proven solution.

IPL Treatment